Jim Morrison Jimi Hendrix Woodstock Nikon 24mm lens Kodak TriX    
I arrived at Crawdaddy Magazine with prints of my high school. Ken Greenberg (editor) with big hair down to the middle of his back, told me if I improved my printing he would let me shoot for the magazine. A week
 later I arrived, prints in hand. He wrote a letter to Kip Cohn,  manager of Fillmore  East,  getting me into  the Doors concert.  He told me to shoot  TriX film at 800 ASA,  and develop in
 Acufine for 5 1/2  minutes at 68  degrees. I set up my tripod in the isle ( I  was the only one  shooting.) and shot 4
 roles with a 135mm  lens attached to a  Nikon F  When I  arrived back at  Crawdaddy with the pictures Ken was laying out the the story O'Caroline. He saw  my shots, tossed the others aside and gave  me my first six full  page spread. After  publication Kip
 Cohn  gave me a  backstage pass to  Fillmore East. I was in.


I photographed the    NY rock world, starting in 1967 ( I     was 15 ). Soon to      come are the stories   and pictures of the    scene that led to the  music that has taken   over the world.          From the Grateful    Dead studio session   to Jimi Hendrix's        hotel room at the       Warwick Hotel in      NYC. Jimi's room was one floor below the Monkeys.         He bought me a        hamburger and       posed for me with his
blond girlfriend. Hendrix was the opening act for...yes.. the Monkeys.

So I shot Jimi when he was kind of nobody. He remembered me he had reached fame. I shot him at Fillmore, Hunter College, and while producing Cat and the All Night Newsboys. I miss Jim he was a really nice, fair, and generous person.                 

I arrived at Woodstock with a photo pass  and my Mom's Chevelle. Sick of  shooting, I did not do any photography until the night Jimi Hendrix played at sunrise. As the dawn lit up the camp sites I shot the people of the Woodstock Nation. I really like these pictures. Eugene Smith told me they were the best pictures of Woodstock he had seen. Until now they have been stored in a bank vault.



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