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The Jimi Hendrix Portfolio

Hendrix at Hunter College, 1968

Copyright David Sygall, All Rights Reserved

This image was made in the backstage office at Hunter College, where Jimi invited Sygall to shoot a concert he was playing there.

There's a lot to love about this picture.  Jimi's incredible look is perfect.  From the feathers in his hat, to the flowers on his vest, to the scuffed, pointy-toed zip-up boots, this was Jimi's trademark style.  Check out the pictures of other performers on the wall behind Hendrix; he was a man who sensed his own place in rock and roll history.

And the guitar!  That fantastic custom paint job on the classic flying V is still fun to look at after all these years.  According to Sygall, "Some of my friends and I are trying to decipher the text painted on the inside of the upper leg of the V.  My best guess is that it says "LOVE DROPS" in wild psychedelic letters." (On the 11 by 14" prints in this limited edition, the letters are easy to see, but a little tough to interpret visually)

His cohort is wrapped up in the music too, playing air guitar furiously while Jimi moves serenely through the master's zone, making it real.  The power in his hands, and that dreamy expression of complete creative absorption, mean this a shot that a lot of guitar players connect with instantly. 

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