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The Jimi Hendrix Portfolio

Hendrix Rehearsing with Band of Gypsies, 1969

Copyright David Sygall, All Rights Reserved

The Band of Gypsies rehearsal was the last photo session Sygall did with Jimi Hendrix.  It was the only time he was formally hired to do the shoot, with the objective being a photo for the cover of the new Band of Gypsies album that was then in production.

"It had been a while since we last met, so it felt really good to see him again. He appeared more relaxed and happy. I was thankful that he remembered me and requested that I do the shoot.  At the time, there was no way of knowing it would be the last time I'd get to photograph him."

That's Buddy Miles on percussion visible over Hendrix's shoulder.  The other key member of the group was Billy Cox.

Ironically, the production team chose not use the images from this session on the album, though many of Sygall's favorite shots of Hendrix came from the gig.  "It's funny," said Sygall, "I've always liked these prints, but it has only been recently that photo editors have started to pick them for stories on Jimi.  There is a growing interest in his later work, I guess." 

In fact, this picture is featured as a full-page spread for page 49 in the July 2002 edition of Guitar World magazine.

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