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The Jimi Hendrix Portfolio

Hendrix in Editing Session, 1968

Copyright David Sygall, All Rights Reserved

This photograph is one of a relatively small number of color slides that Sygall shot inside a recording studio, where Hendrix was working on production of an album by a band called Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys.  The image captures a pensive, faraway Hendrix, listening with a spacey  intensity that comes through clearly in his face and posture.

This was a shot that people liked immediately, Sygall remembers.  It was made into a poster that has since become a valuable collector's item.

The brilliant colors of Jimi's clothing and belt are an important record of Hendrix's style and taste. 

"You know, some doctors say everyone dreams in black and white.  That is just not true.  I dream in color, and when I dream of the 1960's, it's these colors for me."


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